A client of mine long ago was desperate to find love. Friends and family advised her to be more social and she felt that she was social enough and had committed herself enough to finding that perfect partner. I felt being alone for over a decade was long enough. My client had reached the point of desperation and in an in-depth reading my guides were telling me that she would find her partner at a bingo night. She hated bingo and thought it was rather boring and odd. However, she took my psychic advice and found her local bingo group. After attending for a short period she found her Mister Right! They have recently married and settled in well together, are very happy and even still attend bingo nights together.

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Reading Standards


She's good. I would use her again.

12-Aug-2014 18:36, secrets


There were so many fears and doubts in my mind when i rang.By the end of my call with Nora i felt so relieved and so much happier about my futute. Nora's insight was amazing,she had everything about my family spot on.I cannot convey how much better and hopeful i felt afterwards.Nora helped me to see that there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel.I will gladly recommend Nora to my friends and anyone reading this.

11-Aug-2012 04:02, Circle_112553582

She's good


very happy with my reading nora, i would dfinately reccommend you xx

10-Aug-2014 03:33, terries4crystals


I was feeling rather despondent about being told that things are going to change but never actually experiencing the change and Nora was extremely sensitive to this and confident in her guidance. Thank you so much, I truly appreciated it.

05-Aug-2012 13:38, Circle_111431082


Nora was very quick to get to the point. She's also really quite a nice lady.will see how it pans out.

05-Aug-2014 10:25, stream_13137



Nora tuned in very accurately and gave me some great insights. Picked up on things that I had not metioned to her and gave me a lot of clarity about my relationship. Highly recommend her

29-Jul-2014 07:17, bill_dunn61


Found her v insightful

29-Jul-2014 02:49, moathill


nora is a wonderfully calming lady who made me feel 100 percent better about everything, most of which she couldnt possibly have known, and has encouraged me to keep going with the ideas i had in mind. the feeling of comfort i felt after speaking with nora cannot be described. a lovely soul!

24-Jul-2014 05:28, fuchsia


Great reading, Very clear information and staright to the point.

19-Jul-2014 07:55, user_111166783


I have always been more nervous that readers tell me what they 'think' I want to hear, and said right at the start don't tell me what you think I want to hear. This lady comes across very sincere and didn't sugar coat things for me and tuned in to my situation very quickly about those involved, and gave me some hope for the future. I like the fact this lady is just so open and honest but very caring to her clients at the same time. I wrote everything down and compared it to previous readings Ive had from other readers and what was said was pretty much the same. I just have to find the STRENGTH to be PATIENT (which i am rubbish at!) and wait for things to come to pass which this lady predicted for the few months ahead. Thank you my lovely x x

22-Jun-2014 17:10, kentishfi2913


spot on, thanku xx

Thank you for your caring guidance

Good let's wait and see

Very deep and insightful

Very accurate

Nice caring reading

Many thanks

moving on


Tuned in very quickly and accurately. Took the time to really get to the bottom of things, but didn't waste time either. Hope predictions come true. Felt stronger and clearer after reading.

04-Aug-2014 13:36, Circle_112226183


Nora picked up on some very positive connections forme, thank you so much, was a bad line and struggled to hear some points but on the whole it was positive thanks Nora

02-Sep-2014 11:04, LisaR41


I didn't schedule enough time for the reading but the reading was excellent as always much appreciated. I will be back for another one soon.

02-Sep-2014 08:44, Circle_112412581


just what i wanted to hear thank you xx

16-Aug-2014 12:30, gillyarn


Thank you Nora for the reading today. You made everything about my situation cystal clear, which i truely appreciate as i was doubting myself and punishing myself for what was going wrong. You showed what was going on in the other persons world and you also showed me that i did not have to put up with this behaviour regardless of what they were going through. Thank you so much for your understanding.

16-Aug-2012 09:57, amy33din


Thanks again for being so candid Nora. You seem spot on and can see the big picture clearly. Thank you for all the extra caring you put into it. xx Lisa 111754181

14-Aug-2014 16:13, Circle_111754181

Thank you


very nice to talk to


Your advice is priceless

“ My love predictions come true. It gives me great satisfaction when my client’s lives fall into place” Exclusive interview with Nora Top relationship expert Nora ( PIN 6174 ) talks about her work

Nora's profile

I am a highly sensitive and truthful psychic clairvoyant and clairsentient reader. My speciality is love and relationships. Any questions you may have, I am more than happy to look at with you. I will illuminate your situation so you can clearly understand what is going on for you. I create a space for you to resolve your personal situation and to see the truth more clearly. I will tune in to validate your thoughts and feelings. I utilize all my skills, abilities and knowledge to help you achieve this. These include spiritual guidance, intuition, personal growth tools and card reading abilities. I also use the pendulum and do coffee readings.

Psychic history

My spiritual journey unknowingly began at a very young age. Through my very high level of sensitivity I began becoming aware of things about people and situations. The depth of my knowledge grew as I did after some very painful personal experiences in my life - my spiritual depth grew and continues to grow and develop further. I would love to share that growth and development with you and look forward to sharing my truth, wisdom and love with you as a way for me to serve God. I have been reading for over twenty years with cards and people which has given me a lot of fulfillment and joy. A reading session with me includes love, personal growth and spiritual guidance, assisting you to gain insight into your life journey.

True story

Introducing this months I am a highly sensitive and truthful psychic clairvoyant and clairsentient reader and I look forward to being of service to you. Do your love predictions mostly come true? Yes, many have and yes callers do call back often, wanting to them, I love guiding them and helping them; it gives me great satisfaction to feel the love and gratitude when lives fall into place. Read Artticles Love & Relationships Mediums Astrologers Tarot Clairvoyants Angels Home

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