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Exclusive interview with Marayah





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Marayah Rose's profile

I use the Tarot cards as a powerful tool for finding solutions to life's perplexing issues and challenges. I am a superb reader with 25 years of experience, who combines the Tarot cards with messages from my Native American spirit guides and archangels. I channel and connect to my guides who give me accurate and insightful messages into the querants past, present and future situation. As a gifted psychic, I give insightful solutions to urgent important life issues. I am a powerful channel for spirit energy and can guide you on the right path, to find the right solutions and get the best life results, now and for the future. As an initiated High Priestess and "ghost buster" I conduct clearings of any negative spirits energy. My gift of psychic ability and energetic channelling was given to me at birth by a Shaman woman, and this is complimented with professional study into the psychic phenomena.

Psychic history

I was given my psychic gifts and abilities at birth by a powerful Shaman woman (Shamanca) who blessed and declared me as "The Chosen One" and said "all who seek Marayahs wisdom and guidance shall be blessed and led to a great and rewarding future" as I was born with a special skin around my face called a sacred caouell. As a gifted psychic, I naturally attune to energy and am extremely sensitive in "knowing" the root cause of an issue and how to fix it. With the assistance of my ever present spirit guides, my accuracy is detailed and striking. I was visited by Archangel Raphael at the age of 8 and bestowed with a gift to help people with their sorrows. I have been communicating with spirit guides and angels since a child and can now attune to other peoples angels and guides. As a respected member of the psychic community I have a solid 25 years of psychic work and readings to my name. I am also a consulting white Wiccan and Moon Goddess.

True story

This true story is bound to make your heart race and your hair stand on end! Amongst many other such jaw dropping experiences I have had, this one in particular stands out. After "accidentally" meeting a lady at a shopping centre, the lady described to me what a miserable life she was living due to a mentally challenged son she was looking after, no money to spare and life filled with negative energy - nothing was going right in her life! I explained to the lady that I work with guides and angels and she begged me to help her and her son. It was dusk on a warm summers night and there was an eerie stillness in the air. I lit my candles and started invoking my higher self, guides and Archangel Michael. Twenty minutes later, an overwhelming explosion was heard in the front room of the building! A vehicle had just missed crashing into my office by a mere telegraph pole short of 2 inches! The entire building where I was working would have been damaged. A miracle, to say the least, had occurred. The next morning the lady phoned me and explained that at the same time, a vehicle had just missed crashing into their home! The mere shock of the crash snapped her son into some sort of enlightened state and he began calling out the name of Archangel Michael repeatedly! Her life changed since that day! Throughout my long career as a psychic, people keep revisiting me to thank me and give positive feedback on predictions that have been very accurate.

I am a strikingly accurate, natural born psychic. I have many talents and gifts to help you be blessed with my wisdom and guidance.

Introducing this months

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Firstly, can you tell us about your readings?

I make sure that I am completely connected to my higher self so that my readings are always sensitive and in the client’s best interest; that they are clear, truthful and informative and give my client a sense of direction. Aside from using the tarot cards I also use shape -shifting and telepathy through guides and master guides.

How did love and relationships become your specialty?

I am very compassionate and gentle by nature and I guess I have been hit by so many ‘buses and trains’ , nursed so many broken hearts, and cried oceans and rivers, so basically my life has been the stage for learning how to deal with relationship pain. This has given me the deep insight into human relationships. Even my childhood was pretty traumatic and greater compassion was learnt there!

What do your callers want to know?

That there is light at the end of the tunnel, hope after a separation, that there is a true soulmate somewhere out there for them. I have come across so many lonely individuals it is so intense. Often, I can’t sleep at night just running over conversations I’ve had during readings. I really do feel others’ pain. Mainly people just want their suffering to stop.

Do callers ring when they have fallen out with their partners and want to know if it will all be ok? How do you handle it when you can see it may not?

Beyond a doubt, yes. I use shape-shifting and expand myaura to sense their energy reading to be direct and


straight to the point, while others need a gentle guiding hand. It is never an easy task, and I always cry with more sensitive clients and feel blessed to be on the other end.

How do you advise or help your caller?

It depends on the individual and I am very careful not to give advise. Rather , make suggestions and always reassure them that their free will and choice is stronger than any prediction. I can never read this type of advise out of a book. My guides always give me the right words to say.

Do they call back and tell you how  things have developed?

Always, I love the regulars that become a part of your life and I love sharing their journey; sometimes their life is so full of challenges I become a spiritual counsellor / psychic / fairy godmother!

Do people want to know the impossible-e.g. if they will meet the man/woman of their dreams?

Sometimes yes; most of the time the ‘heart’ is still in love with an ‘ex’ or an estranged lover, and it is so challenging for the individual to move on and start loving someone new. Mostly, people just need some reassurance about what the future holds in store for them.

“ Marayah Rose gave me a lovely reading, very accurate and she didn’t ask any questions, just got straight to the point. She also confirmed a few things that I wasn’t sure about. She is a very gifted reader”

Do/can you give specifics - eg, names/appearance etc?

Yes, I am always given names by my guides, often images and visuals appear before me and I can hear conversation taking place from long distances.

Do your love predictions mostly come true? Can you give us any examples of things that have come true?

I’m really happy when clients call back to tell me they do. On many occasions I have predicted that a client’s “ex” will return into their life, and they do.

Are the majority of your calls about love and relationships matters, or do you do other kinds of readings as well?

Yes, I receive a lot of family enquiries, some clients worry a lot about these readings also because my family was so dysfunctional. I just feel so good when I an give direction to a parent and help with issues concerning children, I guess some matters really hit home. Being highly sensitive to people’s energy is my forte.

Thank you for the interview MARAYAH!


Love expert Marayah Rose (PIN 6138 ) talks about her work

Customer feedback


you are the best and im soo happy ive spoken to you on many occassions. with your help i can achieve anything i want and also . i strongly recommend to use Marayah Rose she is accurate and very powerful. god bless xxx

04-Sep-2012 23:34, rikkied1


Thank you again. So glad I spoke to you.

28-Aug-2012 20:57, stream_16212


I was positively impressed by her accuracy and clear vision

28-Aug-2012 01:16, pierrejgiraud


Hello, I remember you mentioning the name to me of either Liz or Louise and you said that I would meet someone that I would be able to talk to about anything. Well I was amazed that I met a girl called Louise who was older than me and I can talk to her for hours about anything. Thank you.

07-Aug-2012 12:33, Circle_112412581

i owe everything to this wonderful perso...

Thank you

Extremely accurate


Customer feedback

Customer feedback


Very honest lady. Good reading and I will come back and upgrade to 5 stars once the predictions show themselves. Thank you once again xx

06-Aug-2012 23:49, sarlking


Enjoyed the reading. Very nice lady. Will look forward to the predications coming true.

02-Aug-2012 22:17, pamela75


No connection, sorry. Too generalised to be accurate.

09-Jul-2012 10:18, Circle_111845783


I would highly recommend Marayah Rose's accurate and deep readings

06-Jul-2012 02:36, Circle_112017082


Marayah Rose was extremely accurate in my reading. She brought up names that were mind boggling. She was compassionate and very detailed. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my loved ones. Thanks for the reading.

03-Jul-2012 14:20, stephanielevin6631


Hi, thanks for a wonderful reading, you've really helped me get my confidence back and I can't wait to inform you about my new job! Keep up the good work! Jas22

23-Jun-2012 14:13, stream_1259


thank you for the reading light n blessings Lavinia

23-Jun-2012 11:48, stream_7031


I have always been more nervous that readers tell me what they 'think' I want to hear, and said right at the start don't tell me what you think I want to hear. This lady didn't sugar coat things for me and tuned in to my situation very quickly and gave me some hope for the future. I like the fact this lady is just so open and honest but very caring to her clients at the same time. If you don't want a sugar coated reading then I wouldn't say pass this lady by! x x x

22-Jun-2012 17:06, kentishfi2913


May I thank you for such an amazing reading, it was a master class!

22-Jun-2012 01:35, vipell


with present, will see about future later. Thanks.

13-Jun-2012 01:25, nhohlacov


Very helpful and informative. Left me feeling empowered and free!

01-Jun-2012 23:58, mgordhan


Marayah Rose gave me a lovely reading, very accurate and sha didn't ask any questions, just got straight to the point. Also confirmed a few things that I wasn't sure about , very gifted reader xx

10-May-2012 10:38, Circle_111659782

Great Reading

Too many questions

relationship reading

Thank you


Very accurate


Very accurate





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