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I was born an empath and I can feel other people's psychic states. It can be very overwhelming, until I understood how to work with this ultra-sensitivity, now I understand the most positively constructive way to use this talent is to offer the empathy to benefit other people. Empathy is genetic, inherent in our DNA, and passed from generation to generation. I believe my empathic and mystical gifts have been inherited through my lineage, an unusual and exotic mixture comprising Hungarian Ashkenazim, Cathar and Druid evidence. I recall being instinctively drawn to the metaphysical arts by the age of 11 when my preference for books favouring ancient arcane folklore, parables, myths and legends continued to develop into a more profound study of esoteric spiritual traditions. I have now been a professional mystic for over 25 years sharing  my knowledge of the numerous ancient metaphysical traditions, in particular, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot and the deeply profound teachings of Alchemy and Kabbalah. I am recognised by the Australian Psychics Association and hold a Diploma in Psychological Astrology. I have presented mysticism on radio, appeared on television, written astrological columns and featured in many spiritual and metaphysical publications.

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I can proudly tell you that I have been the matchmaker of two marriages. In both cases, the females were well known to me. In one case, I met my female client’s future husband at a dinner party and literally saw the image or apparition of my female client transposed alongside him. I immediately called my female client and told her that I wanted to introduce her to someone. She had to travel from interstate to attend the ‘blind date’ that I had arranged. I was certain about the need for them to meet and sure enough it was instant attraction and they have now been together for over 25 years. The other case was a client who had been consulting with me for some time. I again had the visionary imagery of my client with a particular man that I wanted her to meet. As I did not want to spook anyone, I did not inform either of them that it was a setup, but, it nearly didn’t happen as the man didn’t respond to my casual invitation to meet up with a bunch of my friends at a music venue. Again, I was persistent and I called him and insisted that he come join us. Well, they met and I could see sparks flying off them, but they still needed a little help. My female client emailed to thank me for the invitation and I responded by asking if I had been right in my detection of some chemistry between her and that particular bloke. She admitted that indeed there was some attraction despite the 20 year age gap. I casually let him know he had an admirer and…. they married 9 months later....

Very detailed and accurate. Intuitive reading. Good advice given and a good assessment of the situation without any of my input required. Recommended.

03-Apr-2012 06:51, Circle_112412581

                                        she is great

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thanks a lot. you have helped me to get my self back.

28-Mar-2012 05:49, Chandresh


Marvellous reading. Lovely lady. Thanks Devorah, you have put my mind at ease xx

17-Mar-2012 03:26, angel250


Devorah tuned in immediately and got a real sense of where I am at in my live. She gave me a completely different way of looking at things to help through the current situation. Thank You.

23-Feb-2012 23:36, KiwiChick1972


I have had a few readings but there was something special about this reading. I really connected with Devorah, not only could she read my personality/energy she gave me advise on how to tackle my problems.If you are unsure about who to choose,I would honestly choose this reader, you won't be dissapointed and you will understand what I mean once you have finished the reading!

05-Feb-2012 01:30, meeraD

Top relationship expert DEVORAH ( PIN 6170 ) talks about her work

‘I can find a solution to any problem and properly advise on any matter!”

My name is Devorah and I am very passionate about my sacred work in Mysticism. I am an empath and a metaphysical practitioner and from an early age I became a devoted mystical student gaining extensive knowledge in the insightful arts including Extrasensory Perception, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, Dream interpretation, Alchemy and the deeply profound teachings of Kabbalah. Through my on-going studies I have now become a highly experienced Intuitive Astrologer, Mythic Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant. I believe I can offer compassionate and wise guidance to my clients and indeed most of my clients have been coming back to me for years. If you just want a quick fix  to make you feel good for a few hours, I am not for you. In contrast, consultations with me are deeply revealing and can be genuinely life changing if you sincerely seek clarity and peace of mind. Mysticism bestows extraordinary wisdom as its conviction is that what ‘is above is also below’, and it offers tools in how to bring your Heaven down to Earth reality. I can see and understand this connection between ‘what is above and what is below’ and subsequently I do usually get right to the deep core of people’s lives, strengths, issues and challenges. I can lead you to the place where your future materialises, and I genuinely wish to offer you the sacred wisdom that I have been shown. My aim is to encourage people to see the divine patterns and therefore the opportunities for awe-inspiring growth: "All is foreseen, but freedom of choice is given"…

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Lovely, lovely lady. Understood perfectly where I am and was able to throw light on the path forward. Karen

22-Sep-2012 08:46, stream_8639


                                         Very good

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