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Psychic Readings - the Difference Between a Psychic Reading and an Astrology Chart

The Public's Fascination With Psychic Readings

Psychic readings have always been a topic of fascination, and with good reason too. Psychic readings have been known to be accurate and have proven themselves as reliable pieces of information as far as seeking proper advice for those in need of a healthy dose of spiritual and emotional upliftment as well.

Psychic readings can also cover just about any topic under the sun. Psychic readings can be carried out in a many number of ways -- there are tarot card readings, palm readings, and many more. However, one of the most intriguing forms of psychic readings are astrology readings.

So why are astrology readings very controversial? Well, although it is a very popular form for a psychic reading, some people will tell you that astrology readings are not real psychic readings!

What Is The Difference Between Readings From A Psychic And An Astrologer?

For so long, people have thought that readings from a psychic and an astrologer are essentially the same, but they couldn't be more wrong as both are far from each other in so many aspects. They differ from each other 3 major ways - source of information, scope of the reading, and degree of accuracy. These differences are stated as follows:

Readings Via An Astrologer

The science of astrology is the main source of an astrologer's readings. Based on astrological forecasts, they make readings for a person from the calculations and computations of planetary influence, considering they are also correlated to historical cycles, thus coming up with a conclusion referenced from the positions of the sun, moon and the planets.

By interpreting the positions of the celestial bodies, Astrologers can look into someone's readings and discuss with them their past, present and future, but they can only go so far with their readings based on that. Therefore, no thorough discussion can be made out of the findings.

Astrology readings are typically based on a person's birth date; they can be very generic because you're obviously not the only one in this world who has that birth date. In other words, they are accurate but only on a general level.

Readings Via A Psychic Reader

Psychics sense a person's flow of energy that a person to read the past, present and future. They rely on their psychic skills to provide readings for the person seeking such.

A wider scope is maintained from readings provided by a psychic. Unlike Astrology readings, they not only tell a person's past, present or future, but also allow them to communicate with beings of otherworldly existence-- guardian angels, spirit guides or the spirits of your loved ones who have passed away.

Psychic readings are more specific since they are based on a person's energies. Therefore, since they are more specific, they are more accurate.

A Reading Via A Psychic Or An Astrologer -- Which Is Better?

The bottom line is, if you want readings that have a wider scope and are more accurate, you should seek out psychic readings. Just think of it this way -- any psychic can be an astrologer and they can also give astrology readings. But, not all astrologers can be gifted psychics who are capable of giving psychic readings.

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