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How To See and Read An Aura

Surrounding all living things is an energy field that is called the Aura. It is a radiant glow of many colors which can be seen surrounds all living things. Connecting the aura to the human body are seven vital centers called the Chakras which serve different physical and spiritual functions. Each center possesses its own vibration and purpose.

To see an Aura with the naked eyes is the most difficult means to perceive an Aura. The simplest and most accurate way to interpret an Aura is through the intuition. You only need to “guess” at what colors you may be “seeing” on yourself or others to identify the correct color radiation.

By using you inner knowing, gently “feel” the energy. If the energy were a color, what would it be? Your intuition knows what colors your Aura is giving off at any given time. The colors will also change as you experience various emotional states. Now look at the colors in the picture to the right and ask your unconscious mind which color you feel most drawn to in this moment? Which color do you feel that you are lacking?

Now find out what your given color says about your present state of mind:


The first of the seven major centers is located at the coccyx at the base of the spine and it is usually called the root or base centre… Its associated element is earth and it corresponds to the sense of smell, physical energy and vitality. Here also, say the yogis, sleeps the magic serpent known as the kundalini. It lies coiled at the base of the spine and symbolizes the basic evolutionary life force. Once awakened it will rise through the spine to the crown of the head and may trigger enlightenment in the practitioner of these methods.

For our purposes, imagine the root centre as your grounding or primary energy source. This is the centre we can turn to if we need physical strength. The color for this centre is red.

If this was the color you chose then you’re probably at low ebb at the moment and you need to raise your energy levels. Athletes often have red auras as it’s the color of physical fitness. So if you feel a lack of this color, then a little exercise may be just the energizer you need. Alternatively, if you feel this color expresses how you are feeling now, then perhaps you need to calm down a little- we’ve all heard of “seeing red” when angry. In this instance, one could change the vibration by visualizing the opposite color green, which is calming

EXERCISE: Draw universal power to this red base centre. Let it shine with a brilliant red light infusing the whole body with strength and stamina. Those of you who enjoy sporting activities or about to expend a lot of physical or sexual energy may draw upon the red light of this spiritual centre and your performance may be enhanced. Once you’ve felt the benefit allow the centre to quiet down and close.


The second centre is found just below the navel and is called the Sacral Centre. It is linked with the adrenals and the release of adrenaline into the body. Its element is water and if this centre is out of balance your ‘flight or flight’ response may be over active. This centre also has a cleansing function by filtering out negative influences. Its color is orange

Orange controls the area of the aura around the spleen which psychics consider to be the cleansing and distributor centre. A lack of orange in the aura means that you may need a good emotional tonic. You need stimulation, perhaps go out and enjoy yourself socially and feel your vitality return

EXERCISE: Imagine that the world is awash with light and now draw this energy into your sacral centre. The centre illuminates with a bright orange light and then fills the whole body with purity and calm. Its healing energy will restore your poise and re-establish your sense of balance and harmony.


The next centre is found just below the breastbone and is called the Solar Plexus centre. It is linked to the digestive system, the pancreas liver and stomach. Its associated element is fire. This centre is our psychic battery and the storehouse of our positive energy. Also it is the link between the mind and the emotions and the area we process negative feelings. An imbalance here can lead to ‘butterflies’ and digestive disorders. The color of the Solar Plexus Center is yellow.

Associated with the area around the solar plexus, yellow auric light controls the digestive processes of the body and the intellectual faculties of the logical mind. You may have been working too hard at work or concentrating too hard on a decision. Yellow is also an optimistic color, like golden sunshine, stop worrying and think positive – everything will be all right.

EXERCISE: Imagine now that yellow light is being drawn into your body though this centre. Follow the process for opening the centre and draw yellow light through your solar plexus. By doing this you will transmute your negative feelings and become more peaceful within. Also, this centre is the source of the creative energies. Artists, inventors and inspired people in general would benefit by doing this technique prior to starting a creative or new project.


In the center of the chest is the heart centre. This is linked to the thymus and controls the immune system. It is the seat of the ‘higher or deeper’ emotions such as love, tenderness, compassion and honesty. The energies from this centre affect the heart, lungs, upper chest, back and bronchial tubes. Its element is air and its designated color is green.

A need for nature’s color means that you are seeking peace and harmony. Green is associated with the area around the heart and a need for this color indicates that you would benefit from relating to your innermost feelings. Express yourself and seek the restorative power of Nature…

EXERCISE: Pull energy in the form of light into this centre. Feel it come alive with bright, vibrant green light infusing your body with healing energy. Notice how soothing this color is. It makes you feel at harmony with yourself. The heart centre is the seat of compassion and unconditional love. Feel the warm embrace of the love that is inherent in all things. Love is the breath of life. Give yourself the green light to feel good about you.


The next center is found at the top of the throat and its designated color is blue. If blue is your given color then you need to draw light into this center. Its element is Ether and its traditional correspondence is with self-expression through thoughts, writing and speech. It is linked to the thyroid gland which controls metabolic rate. It also influences the throat, ears, nose, mouth and neck.

Healers often have a blue color in their aura. A lack of this color means that you need to slow things down a little- concentrate on letting your body and mind find their natural harmony. If you’ve been over-excited lately, try relaxing with some music or just putting your feet up. Blue is the ideal color to work with if you need to give or receive healing energy.

EXERCISE: By drawing brilliant light energy into this centre it will improve your communication and auditory skills. It might be beneficial to work with this centre when doing any activities involving sound such as talking, or listening to music. On a subtle level working with this centre increases your mediumistic powers and in particular clairaudience- the ability to hear spirit communication. The Tibetans lamas worked with this centre to trigger out of body travel during the dream state. If you imagine a blue light at the throat centre which floods the back of the brain as you are about to fall asleep it may help you to experience lucid dreaming.


The spiritual journey of the inner light now brings us to the sixth centre which lies in the centre of the forehead. This is often given the nickname of ‘the third eye’, it is found above and between the eyebrows and is linked to the pituitary and pineal glands. This is the seat of higher consciousness and spiritual powers. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition are generated by this centre and it also controls the body’s eyes, nerves, head and brain. The associated color is a deep indigo.

Indigo auric light is connected with psychic abilities. You may enjoy taking an interest in the paranormal or Extra Sensory Perception. Your attention wants to turn inwards. Perhaps you could understand yourself better if you wrote down your dreams and interpreted what they are trying to tell you. This is a time of contemplation and renewed self-awareness. A time to listen and receive guidance from the inner self.

EXERCISE: Draw light into the centre of the forehead. By imagining a brilliant indigo light in the centre of your forehead, you will trigger your intuitive powers. Ideas may come to you, and simple solutions to problems could become apparent when you draw upon this energy. This is the centre to work with when imaginative skills are needed.


The goal of the light’s journey from the base of the spine upward is to the top of the head. Normally known as the crown centre this is the seat of the soul. As with the third eye centre this centre also is linked to the pituitary and pineal glands. It is associated with the perfection of mind, body and spirit. Its designated color is violet but in reality this centre is a mass of shimmering lights and colors from the whole visual spectrum and beyond. We can trigger this centre by filling it with pure light and like a fountain its light cascades through your body uniting you with your core spiritual values.

This is the spiritual color. If you feel that this color is the color your aura needs, then now may be the time to start a spiritual discipline. So forget your material worries for a while and focus on the higher things in life and find a deepening of your inner stability and harmony. I have noticed that the aura of vegetarians often has a violet hue. Dietary consideration may therefore be of importance.


Usually the brighter hues that are seen by psychics in the aura. You are probably drawn to brown for psychological reasons. Brown is a strong color- the color of the Earth. You would benefit most by concentrating on practical solutions to life’s problems. You may need grounding or centering.

Black is the absence of light. It can act as a protective shield around the aura if you’re feeling over sensitive. It will seal you from negative vibrations. On the other hand, you also may feel that your aura is lacking in color. You don’t need more black, you need brightening up a bit. Imagine that you radiate a rainbow of lights all around your body and you’ll soon feel your spirits rise. Color can help lift depression.

Purity is implied by white. It is the color of spiritual energy. If this is the color you feel your aura needs, then you may be seeking divine inspiration. Re-establish your contact with your core beliefs. “Know thyself” as the saying goes. Have you been taking life a bit too seriously perhaps? Humor and laughter are God’s best medicine. How about a funny video or book to cheer you up?

Have you ever wondered whether you are on the right path; if you are on the right job or career or if you have found your soul mate? Life can often feel like a puzzle where the missing pieces are hard to find. The angels can help you find the answers.

Let me communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Heaven to receive the guidance that can lead you to a peaceful and more purposeful life.

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