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Genuine Psychic Medium Readings

All you want is a GENUINE Psychic Medium reading. Is this too much to ask? Heck no, and have it you shall if you follow these simple steps! You already know what you want, in mind you have a reader who is real and accurate, one that gives you the mediums answers to your questions. It is not rocket science, it is KNOWING all about how to find a good medium online.

A Genuine psychic medium reading always follows the same pattern. It is the same for a phone reading as a face to face one:

1. Helpful. Do you find the psychic advice genuinely helpful? Does the information empower you in any way? These are the kinds of questions to ask to get a feeling if the online psychic medium is the right one. It is often hard with stress present to live a sane and happy lifestyle. Spirit answers carry a divine energy and as such empower the mind, body, and spiritual essence of our being. Online readers appreciate your investment in energy and are respectful of your time. In a Medium Reading YOU come first.

2. Genuine. Is the psychic reader sincere? Do you have a good feeling about the reading in a wholistic kind of way? Realize that without you there would be no reading so it is important that the reader comes across as being genuine and keen to work on your questions. High expectations are good because we normally get what we expect. You want the best service at a reasonable price. A genuine psychic medium is unable to change the world for you but they will show you where the light is so YOU can change your own world. You have free will and it is good luck to pick a medium that empowers you. for most gifted psychics mediums it is their only source of full time income, it is entirely up to the medium to retain their own client’s ongoing business as well as more importantly retaining new clients, so your psychic medium has to be extremely gifted to be around for as long as you see them on our website, After all, you probably look at their ratings and comments before you called them right? Many want to be psychics sink fast, your psychic has to be the best at what they do in their field of work or else they will be voted out by you, the client.

With out your honest client ‘feed-back’ your psychic will either prosper well or fail miserably, so we ask you to think carefully when you rate your psychic, be fair to your psychic, rate your psychic honestly, Remember if they succeed you will have access to the best psychics online for future readings, if they fail you will have to search for someone else all over again. Nothing feels better than after a positive up lifting call with your psychic, nothing beats that feeling of finding that perfect psychic that knows your truths, that can read you, heal you, see what you cant see, well, congratulations you have than found your perfect guide to life's journey this happens every day this is why we have such a excellent customer retention rate because our customers love, trust and value our service, once you have found that perfect psychic in your life be sure to tell your friends and family how happy you are with your new psychic reader.

3. Expert Psychic. Your reader will be an expert with vast experience in the paranormal and metaphysical phenomena. This is how they can assist you. This kind of online medium is passionate about their work and when you call the online number your best interests are pushed to the forefront of the conversation. Every person has a spark of the divine energy inside of themselves and all are representations of this universal light energy. The expert psychic treats the reading like a sacred ritual and has profound respect for you, the caller.

Seeing the Future

Psychics who can view the future are a hot commodity for obvious reasons! It's not only a rare skill but a tricky one as it's not as cut and dry as it seems. Below are some of the anomalies and highlights of seeing the future.

There are two types of future viewing and those are voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary: These visions are voluntary in nature and are done by psychics and remote viewers. Police will use psychics on their teams, just as the C.I.A. used remote viewers for a while (and probably still do). Both can have natural tendencies, but remote viewers are more apt to be able to increase their skills.

Involuntary: These visions are often during meditation or sleep and are not at the conscious request of the subject. They are incidents that personally relate to the person such as a losing a member of their own family, a related company layoff, etc. This ability is inherent to us all, but few develop it beyond that. Naturally sensitive people do exist and even ones that are not 'gifted' per se, can develop this ability.

How are either possible? All events and objects have vibrational patterns and frequencies. Global or deeply personal events have larger vibrational imprints than what your neighbor did for lunch unless it was very interesting to your mind. What this means is, the more it impacts the masses, or your own life, the bigger the impression, or frequency. A larger frequency means it can span greater lengths of non-linear time and space. A firing may be seen days before the event; an event the size of 9 / 11 will be seen months in advance; and something like a natural phenomenon of great proportion will be seen years or decades in advance. This is often why normal or positive events aren't witnessed in subtle terms, because their vibrational imprint isn't near the level of something that greatly disturbs people emotionally. This is also why prophets and psychics (like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, etc.) can see large vibrational events centuries before they occur. The emotions of six million people are going to have a far greater impact than the emotions of a dozen people.

This does not mean, however, that small vibrational events can't be seen. They are just harder to see, and don't generally happen during involuntary sessions. What I mean by this is, without knowing you, a psychic won't see you get fired from your job, because it doesn't affect them personally and it isn't big enough vibrationally to get picked up on their radar. However, if you wanted them to voluntarily detect your future, they can specifically probe the higher self, which can pick up any event, big or small. But the contact still has to be made at some point between the psychic and the person.

Ịs the future set in stone? No. The future is only a probable one. This means it is changeable. However, if I state that something will happen, and nothing is done to alter the course, the outcome will most likely happen (assuming I was a very good psychic!). I may see you getting sick because of bad lifestyle choices and you can chose to ignore the vision, or change habits, just as I can tell you that you'll be wearing blue tomorrow and you can voluntarily chose to wear red.

Can we mold our own future? Absolutely. This is why many psychics don't like to tell people what they will be doing in the future because that is their choice. Most of your future is determined by your attitudes, choices, personal programming, and self-limiting (or unlimited) beliefs. Instead of telling you about your "probable" future, it's much better to help you program an outstanding future, which anyone can have.

Types of Psychic Abilities


A person with this type of ability can see things not apparent to others, like receiving a vision of events or a visual impression about a person. This ability is often combined with others and is the most common.


This is the ability to receive impression that are more feeling in nature. Psychics associated with this ability are called empaths because they can feel the emotions of others.


This is the ability to hear things that are outside the normal hearing range. This can be persons who have passed on or a spirit guide. A famous Clairaudient is John Edwards.

Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis)

This is the ability to move objects without physical intervention. This is a very rare ability and even the greats of this ability are questioned in terms of authenticity. One of those people is Uri Geller, a world renowned spoon bender. To the disbelief of skeptics though, he's shown that he can bend metal objects, such as spoons and forks, from great distances and in several locations. And even more strange, is that people who are near him or can hear him while he does his bending can have this ability temporarily.


This is the technique used by psychics by which they pick up energy patterns from a physical object. We have our own electromagnetic properties and can leave these impressions, like fingerprints, on objects. A psychic using this technique will have subtle enough sensitivity to pick up those energy fields. This is why psychics like to use objects that were a "favorite" of the person in question, like a hat, ring, or something that only they generally touched. When other people touch objects, they too leave behind their energy imprint which can dilute the reading. Another example of psychometry are people who use Tarot cards or other tools of divination. They place their hands on the cards, and let the subconscious mind send energy signals back through the hand. This is not to be confused with electrokinesis which is the ability to produce and expel electricity from our own body.

Remote Viewing

This is the ability to see, hear or feel target locations unknown to the viewer. This was established by the military and they wished to differentiate it from the label of 'psychic' because it followed strict protocols and the target was often blind (meaning unknown). Ịt can involve all of the psychic senses and is associated with the term bi-location which means the viewer can actually experience a hyper reality, as if they were there on location with the target. Some advanced viewers have even claimed that they can interact with the target, such as swimming in a lake, having a conversation with a person (dead or alive) and so on.

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