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Before you phone your psychic,

Keep in mind your psychic works very hard to seek the answers that you would like to know, your psychic adviser wants to help guide you, your psychic is your own personal guide and can feel and see your answers that only a gifted psychic can sense feel see and hear.

Mostly they are the answers you wanted to hear, but a lot of the time the answer will not be the answers you wanted to hear, a psychic will only tell you as the psychic in visions their psychic truth, If they were a doctor would you always want them to give you good news or give you the truth? So prepare yourself not to hear what you want to hear and listen to your psychic advice carefully, a psychic is your guide that can help you greatly.

Your psychic is an expert at their ability, they deal every day with depressing readings as well as extremely joyful moments within a days work, like you and me they have bills to pay, taxes etc, Keep in mind their are very high call rates to the telecom providers that your psychic pays per min as well as high taxes per min and very little profit margins, for most gifted psychics it is their only source of full time income, it is entirely up to the psychic to retain their own client’s ongoing business as well as more importantly retaining new clients, so your psychic has to be extremely gifted to be around for as long as you see them on our website, After all, you probably look at their ratings and comments before you called them right? Many want to be psychics sink fast, your psychic has to be the best at what they do in their field of work or else they will be voted out by you, the client.

With out your honest client ‘feed-back’ your psychic will either prosper well or fail miserably, so we ask you to think carefully when you rate your psychic, be fair to your psychic, rate your psychic honestly, Remember if they succeed you will have access to the best psychics online for future readings, if they fail you will have to search for someone else all over again.

Step 1.

Call when you have time and money,

This may seem a little greedy, but it is not. A psychic can give you a much better reading if you talk 20 min talk time  compared to a 3 to 5 min reading, it is much better for you and the psychic to have a more comprehensive talk time than cram in a short unfinished call, it can be very disappointing to have your unfinished call cut off. Its best for you to save a little more and enjoy your reading with your psychic.

Step 2.

Have a written list of questions,

More so if you are looking for specific answers, if you are after just a overall general reading your may not even need a list, its best  to make your list 24 hours before having your reading, just so you can allow some depth and detail to ‘marinate’ in your mind about what you really want to know, a true gifted psychic will tell you early in the call if they are not connecting, if this has happened your psychic has been honest with you and will recommend transferring you to another reader, you should respect your psychics honesty and not rate them poorly for this very rare situation best to just move to another psychic and not rate that psychic at all.

Step 3.

Psychic help lines are becoming more and more popular,

With more people choosing to consult a Psychic line rather than a high educated analyst, There could be several reasons for this new found popularity, one of which is the anonymity a psychic helpline offers over other forms of counseling as there are no embarrassing or nerve wracking face to face discussions, Another reason may be that people feel psychics can be objective with their opinions because they have special psychic abilities to drawn on. It could also be argued that people like the fact that they can divert the responsibility of decision making away from themselves!. Though this is not to be recommended, as a good reader will always guide you towards discovering a positive outcome for yourself.

Step 4.

When you phone your psychic,

You will hear your psychics intro, and your psychics reader pin number as well as a brief description of your psychics abilities, you will be asked a series of questions normally relating to you personally such as your date of birth and where you were born, You will then get the chance to tell the your psychic what it is that you would like advice about, your psychic  can then work on your reading & choose whatever system they intend to use to advise you, your psychic will than best decide what is the best way to read for you, that can be in a variety of forms such as, Tarot cards, numerology, dream interpretations, astrology, pendulum and many more forms of other psychic abilities, a psychic reading should be illuminating and helpful alike, No matter what the advice you get from a psychic reading, you will always have to make your own decision in the end as to whether you follow the advice or not. You may be able to make this decision with more certainty after a call with a psychic.

Step 5.

Most importantly get to know your psychic before your phone call,

It’s better if you do this rather than have the operator transfer you to this next psychic standing bye,  selecting your psychic of choice is achieved well, by first taking the time to read your psychic profile and psychics history as well as the most current client “feed-back”, our stringent employment process has vitrified your psychic profile and history, we have done all the hard work for you, you can sit back and choose your psychic with confidence.

Psychics are people, and most people like feed-back. After your call, give them the ‘feed-back’ they deserve negative or positive, not all psychics deserve a high rating so please rate your call accordingly be fair to the psychic remember this is there passion and for many only soruce of income.

Nothing feels better than after a positive up lifting call with your psychic, nothing beats that feeling of finding that perfect psychic that knows your truths, that can read you, heal you, see what you cant see, well, congratulations you have than found your perfect guide to life's journey this happens every day this is why we have such a excellent customer retention rate because our customers love, trust and value our service, once you have found that perfect psychic in your life be sure to tell your friends and family how happy you are with your new psychic reader.  Enjoy your reading’s with www.Psychics Online

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